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The Fort Knox pistol safe is the Best. That is not a phrase we say lightly. Constructed with 10 Gauge Steel with Bolt Holes and a Simplex button lock system. If you have not heard of a Simplex Lock, it is commonly used in commercial applications and has a reputation of lasting forever. Fort Knox builds three different size pistol safes as well as a small personal safe and an under the bed shotgun safe. Come see these safes in person or you can purchase one of our most popular versions at

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stack-on, gun vault, American security and many more...

We carry a variety of pistol safes and they are push button or bio metric with keyed back ups. Come in and check out the selection as we are always getting new styles and close out prices on varieties that we are looking to move fast.

When it comes to storing a hand gun safely, there are several aspects to consider. Size of course, quick access is another, and finally SECURITY. We have pistol safes that read your finger print, and safes with a digital code.